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Care for your flowers

Our flowers are known to last longer than the rest, but here are some quick tips to extend their lives by a few days.

For hand-tied bouquets

1. Trim the stems about 1-inch high on as steep an angle you can. You can make it shorter if your vase is shorter.

2. Fill your vase 1/3 of the way with lukewarm water, and empty your pouch of flower food in the vase.

3. Place your bouquet in the vase, making sure each end of the stem is in water.

4. Every few days, empty the vase and clean it thoroughly with about a teaspoon of bleach before repeating steps 1 through 3. Cleaning it out frequently will prevent the growth of mold, which will extend the life of your flowers.

For arrangements

1. Add enough water so that when you put your finger on the floral foam, you can feel the humidity.

2. Every few days, check to see if there is enough water by using your finger. Chances are there won’t be enough!


– While unwrapping your hand-tied bouquet, remove only the cellophane and ribbon packaging! The wire tightly wrapped around the stems of your flowers is what keeps the shape of your bouquet that the designer artistically and carefully created for you.

– Place your new bouquet or arrangement away from any drafts or windows that can cause a shock in temperature. Flowers enjoy stable and stress-free zones!

– If your flowers are looking a little sad after a couple of days, due to anything from change in temperature or simply being out of water from their purchase to your arrival at home, they can easily be revived by trimming the ends and adding warm water to the vase. It must be warm to the touch ! When you return in a few hours, you’ll see them come back to life 🙂

– If you’re wondering which type of floral arrangement lasts longer, the bouquet definitely last longer. The stems directly sitting in the water allows for quicker absorption. On the other hand, the arrangement in floral foam is much lower maintenance for the recipient, since it is already prepared in the vase. So for the best of both worlds, opt for a bouquet in a vase!

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